Are You Missing Out On the Explosive Demand for Independently Produced DVDs and Videos?

If You're Not Using the eBay and Amazon Marketplaces to Sell Your Video Products, You're Missing 75%
of Your Potential Buyers


Did you know that and eBay sell more videos and DVDs
than all other online sources – and sell more than any offline retailer?

If you are interested in creating training products, it is the perfect solution. DVDs have relatively low development costs, low duplication costs, low shipping costs, and have high perceived value.

And only physical products, such as DVDs and CDs, can be sold in the two hottest marketplaces on the Internet: eBay and

And with the availability of powerful, yet low cost and relatively easy to use DVD development tools, anyone willing to take the time can learn to produce quality DVD products.

And with just about everyone in the civilized world having a TV, a DVD player and a credit card, creating a DVD on just about any subject means there will be customers willing to buy that DVD.

It’s Now Cheaper and Easier Than Ever to Create Your Own Training DVDs!

Here are some example topics of successful, homemade DVDs that sold on both eBay and Amazon:

Cake Decorating With Airbrush

Open A Laundromat

Make A Roping Saddle

Hair Cutting From Home

Metal Detecting

The list goes on and on… You can do it, too!

Do you have knowledge in any of these areas?

  • How to start a specific kind of business – With 40 million baby boomers beginning the process of exiting main stream jobs (either by choice or by employment termination), many are starting to think about what it will take to successfully re-enter the job market or start their own business. In both instances, retraining in new skills is almost always a top priority.
  • How to use a specific software tool – Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. And learning how to use computer related tools can often make the difference between business or career success or failure. This creates a demand for training DVDs.
  • Information on places to live – It is expected that 50 million Americans will move homes in the next 5 years. Many of these people will be Baby Boomers looking for the ultimate retirement dream.
  • Information on hobbies – Many people have hobbies they are obsessed with. These can include boating, cars, stereos, crafts and just about anything else you can imagine. As part of the process, people will buy training that helps them develop their skills.

This is one of those times when you can be in the right place at the right time by taking advantage of the converging trends of the demands for info products on DVD, the availability of the tools to create these DVDs, and the availability of a low cost way to market these DVDs (via the internet and eBay).

And the best part is that you’ve just created your own product and established yourself as an expert. You’ll be a celebrity within your own niche and make money doing it.

In just 30 days, you could have your very own video DVD product
completely Finished and Making Profits!

With that said, you’ll be glad to know that…

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone!

Why should you let us help you?

I’m Michelle Schoen, a  video expert who has been helping organizations create on-line and DVD courses for almost 15 years.

Most people know me from my Camtasia and PowerPoint training courses and as video producer at VA Demo Girl – a VA turned info product creator. And that’s true. But behind the scenes, I’ve been helping a select few build an impressive library of videos for their audiences.

Using my skills as a trainer and Internet Marketer, I’ve landed big video creation projects with companies including IBM, AT&T, Kimberly Clark, Genuine Parts Company and many more.

I know it sounds crazy, but video courses have been the key to producing 80% of my income in the past year… but only because I do a few key components the RIGHT way!

Did you know?

  • Videos work in ANY niche
  • Anyone with a cell phone camera or computer can do them
  • They are extremely affordable to create
  • You gain instant authority and respect

There are no special skills needed for this… simply improve on what you already know and do, and with my help you will be guided to success.

What if I could show you how to use many of the software apps you already have to create your own videos — by following a step by step system?

And what if you could actually have a built in marketing and selling system with eBay and Amazon?

patti-GTWI am Patti Massullo and I started my eBay career ten years ago and have had multiple selling accounts selling all types of products in different niches as well as selling on Amazon. Most importantly I have had countless students that I have coached and taught basic and advanced courses as well  as how to set up an eBay store. I am a Certified Education Specialist that has been trained directly from eBay.

Anyone can sell on eBay, but I will teach you how to be successful selling DVDs that you have made yourself. The demand is there and the competition is low because most people have no idea how to create and sell a DVD. When this course is over, you will be an expert in your niche!


A Step by Step Training Course

on how to CREATE a video on ANY topic
and how to make sure thousands of people see it
so you can SELL it as well!

Here’s what will be covered in this training program:

In this session, you will learn:

  • digital_camcorderThe low cost tools you need to get started – and how to avoid wasting money on what you don’t need.
  • How to outline your course and plan any on-camera shots – you’ll have 75% of your video created before you even open your computer.
  • How to create your Title Screen and Intro Slides using a simple PowerPoint Template

In this session, you will learn:

  • dvdHow to shoot video like a pro. I’ll reveal how I stay away from fancy video equipment (very important) and – and why nearly everyone already has the tools they need available.
  • Ways to create your video without ever stepping in front of a camera using screen recording software.
  • How to assemble your video with music and graphics – using software you probably already own.
  • How to burn your DVD and create the packaging with the perfect “Done for You” template.

After completing these two lessons, you’ll be armed with the tools and information you need to create your training video. But now you’ll need to market it to the masses… which means eBay and

In this session, you will learn:

  • ebay-logoHow to properly research your niche (on and off eBay) and be certain that your product is in demand on these marketplaces.
  • The correct steps to creating an eBay sellers account allowing you to access all the necessary information to get ready to be a seller.
  • How to make sure you are selling in the right category – eBay has rules about this, PLUS you want to be found!
  • The best way to title your listing. Your Listing Title means everything (and where else in the listing it MUST be).
  • How to make SURE when people search in your niche, they will be taken to your eBay listing… even when searching on Google!
  • How to “legally” send people to your website or other selling platforms to learn more about your products. (This alone will quadruple your chances of even more sales!)
  • Where to go to get FREE templates to make your listing stand out!
  • How to price your DVD to sell. (Get this wrong and you will be lost in a sea of eBay listings!)
  • About Feedback and why it is critical.

In this session, you will learn:

  • amazon-logoHow to understand the Amazon customer and determine quickly if your DVD will sell on the Amazon platform.
  • How to set yourself up as an Amazon Seller – distinguish between different selling platforms and learn to choose which is best for your product.
  • The term “FBA” and why it is critical to know for a successful video DVD.
  • The features of Createspace and when it is the right choice for your packaging.
  • About related product niches on Amazon and why they matter.



Step by Step Video Creation Project Plan – an easy and efficient way to follow my process and get results once the class is over


Product Announcement Press Release Template – announce your product to the world with this ready to use template which comes with a list of places to submit


Screencast Resource Report – top tools and tips to get your videos done, including the best places to find images and video backgrounds


Video Checklist – tips for lighting the background and preparing yourself to be on camera


Sample Training Video Outlines, Scripts and Storyboards – to use as “templates of success”


Plus, these Downloadable PDF Tip Sheets:

  • Top Seller Secrets to being successful on eBay or Amazon
  • The top niches in Amazon and how to create a DVD product around that niche

Here is what others are saying about Michelle and Patti:

“After completing Michelle’s courses, I was able to put my new skills to use right away. I couldn’t believe how much I had learned in such a short period of time! I was initially really intimidated by the software, but Michelle’s step by step demonstrations and insider tips put me at ease and I was immediately able to create video tutorials for one of my clients. My client was thrilled by the quality of the products I delivered and really impressed with my skills. I was able to secure additional work creating more video tutorials to be used by staff. Needless to say, I am now very eager to expand my skills and learn more about video creation. I am really excited about the possibilities that are unfolding and am considering specializing in this niche. Thank you Michelle for all of your support!”
Kim Larocque,

“I could not be more pleased with the class I took. From the moment I met Patti, I felt like I had always known her. She was so informative and full of knowledge. She took her time so that the information could be absorbed by a beginner. I learned so much and was very grateful for such a great teacher.”
Donna Gustafson

“Since I took the Camtasia for VAs course when it was initially launched as well as the Learn Camtasia course, I’ve been constantly working. I do as much as 20 of these videos a month. My main client keeps me busy and I want to build my portfolio in e- learning type videos. It has been the single most important training I’ve done since becoming a VA. Since I started doing video, I’ve dropped all my other services – customer support, internet marketing, admin and social media. Doing just 1 video a day is paying me way more than I used to earn working 8 hours a day and I feel so much more secure financially because I’m offering a skill that’s in high demand that few VAs offer.”
Carlana Charles,

“Our instructor was knowledgeable, professional, patient and understanding. We feel Patti taught us everything we need to start selling on eBay. We highly recommend her as a teacher. Thank you very much.”
Ray and Josy Fuller

“Your courses are tremendous! I absolutely love them. I have much to do yet, because I also signed up for several of your training programs, in addition to a number of other things at the same time. Not the best idea for staying on top of things, but I’ll get through them both. Thanks so much for making such valuable training available!”
Jan Kennicutt

“My instructor Patti was very professional and explained the  eBay material in a very useful and practical manner. Excellent!”
Helen Garcia

“Thank you so much for the great training. I am so excited (and a bit overwhelmed) with the amazing training that you are providing. Wow! You gave me so much helpful information and I wanted you to know I created my first training webinar (been on others… never made one) last month. Now I am approaching it differently. Thank you again Michelle. You are making a difference!”
Randi Thompson,

“Patti was highly knowledgeable, efficient, answered all questions, and took all the time that we needed to understand material. She is highly recommended.”
Barb Hales


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If our product does not perform exactly the way in which we have described it to you, just simply contact us within 30 days and we will immediately give you a prompt refund of your purchase with absolutely no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

We are super confident you’ll stay in, you’ll implement the training and
you’ll send us the link to where we can buy your first DVD on Amazon and eBay.
We will be so excited for you!


For only $97,
you’ll get access to the complete
step-by-step process to get your
videos on-line and be on your way
to a much higher income!

We wish you the greatest success!

Bottom Line:
Nothing increases both your TRAFFIC & CONVERSION RATES like the power of video. So… what are you waiting for? You can be the expert in your field TODAY, teach others what you know and let eBay and reach your customers for you!